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Our firm assists individuals during the important stages of marriage, life planning, and as they face the difficult decisions surrounding divorce. While we hope for the best, we help you plan for the worst. And when the unexpected occurs, our attorneys work for you to minimize the stress and difficulty you face. We strive to reach amicable solutions, ensure each client’s goals are met, and to ultimately help families keep their relationships from falling apart. You can be assured you’ll receive the personal care and attention you deserve.


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“Divorce is a fire exit. When a house is burning, it doesn’t matter who set the fire. If there is no fire exit, everyone in the house will be burned!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

We're committed to providing honest, clear expert advice to you so that you may choose your path. Then we’ll clear that path for you.

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Family Services We Offer

+ Divorce or Annulment

Whether you are contemplating, seeking, or facing divorce, it is essential that you understand its implications and have a strategy for moving through the process.

Our firm assists individuals contemplating, seeking, or facing divorce. We understand that divorce is one the most trying and debilitating experiences you may face in your life. It is difficult, if not impossible, to separate your personal feelings from the legal process, and often the potential consequences can be heartbreaking. Our attorneys assist clients obtain amicable resolution to contested divorces, and to ultimately help families keep their relationships from falling apart. You can be assured you’ll receive the personal care and attention you deserve.

Whether you’re thinking about, seeking, or facing divorce, there are four issues that you must consider: (i) Child custody, (ii) Asset division, (iii) Child support, and (iv) Alimony. Each of these factors is critical to the outcome of your divorce, and may have an important effect on your life as you begin to move forward after divorce. We are here to help guide you through this process, from discussing alternatives to divorce, helping you develop a strategy prior to filing for divorce, assisting you respond to a filing for divorce, and dealing with life changes as they occur post-divorce.

If you are contemplating divorce, have chosen to file for divorce, or need assistance responding to a divorce claim, please contact us today for a consultation.

+ Alimony & Child Support, Child Custody & Visitation, Post-Divorce Matters

Alimony and/or Child Support. Alimony and child support are important matters that affect both parents and can have major financial consequences. Georgia requires each parent meet certain guidelines and provide both accurate and detailed information as to their incomes and financial needs, as well as the needs of any minor children. Without the help of an experienced attorney, these support payments, or lack thereof, may significantly detriment a parent. Our attorneys will assess your particular situation from a practical and personal vantage in order to ensure support payments are fair and equitable.

Child custody or visitation. Child custody and visitation are complicated, emotional, and difficult issues. Georgia Courts apply several important factors when evaluating these matters, ulimately considering what the best interest of each child is. Our attorneys are here to provide personal attention, time, and years of experience to assist our clients focus on the best interests of their children, including maintaining healthy parent-child relationships. Importantly, we are here to present a clear and complete picture to the Court to ensure our client and their children are best able to express their positions to the Court.

Post-Divorce or Judgment Matters. Once a Court enters a Judgement, in regards to a Divorce, Support, or Custody matter, each party is obligated to perform his or her duties as outlined in the Judgment. Our attorneys are vigilant in assisting clients ensure other parties comply with their obligations and that all parties are able to reach amicable resolution to any issues that may occur post-Judgment.

+ Wills & Estate Planning

It is important to plan for life's inevitabilities and uncertainties in order to ensure you and your assets are taken care of should the unexpected happen. If you do not have a Last Will and Testament, Financial Power of Attorney, Advanced Directive for Healthcare, and/or Trust, then a Court may make important decisions for you that fail to align with your preferences. Even more unfortunately, family and friends may contest matters and make issues even more complicated.

We will assist you create a plan that reflects your family, values, and legacy. This includes making you aware of all of your options and ensuring you understand all related provisions. From designating guardians, dividing assets, selecting your health directive preferences, tax planning, and other matters, we are here to provide you experienced advice.

+ Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Pretnuptial Agreement. Prior to marriage you and your spouse can contract away your right to spousal support, determine child custody, and even distribution of property in the event you divorce. It is important that both parties discuss and understand the provisions included in this Agreement. We provide detailed and comprehensive advice and information to assist you as you determine how to reasonably protect yourself should the worst happen.

Postnuptial Agreement. Postnuptial agreements, sometimes known as “postnups,” are written and signed after you’re married. The agreement spells out the obligations and responsibilities of each partner. These agreements can deal with the possibilities of divorce and death. Postnups consider financial and legal issues and trust is an essential element in the development of a postnup agreement. Each spouse may think the other has an ulterior motive. This can make an already difficult situation into an adversarial one. But a postnup shouldn’t be a fight to the finish and it doesn’t have to be. It is important to have an attorney that is sensitive to these issues and is able to clearly explain the legal consequences of any provisions or options available to you.