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Over 70% of Americans face major financial difficulties at some point in their lives.* However, many people are unaware of their rights and the legal solutions available to them. From the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to general Contract Law, there are restrictions placed upon creditors and remedies for debtors that may assist you. We can help you exercise your rights and help restructure your debt, fight collection lawsuits, clear your credit reports, and stop collection calls.


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Debt Relief Services We Offer

+ General Debt Relief

Have Your Bills Gotten Out of Hand? Let Us Help You Get Your Finances in Order Again If you have outstanding credit cards, medical bills, collections, or other debts, and need help getting your finances back in working order, there are several options available to you. It is important that you take action sooner rather than later to avoid your debts from going to collection agencies. We can assist you to negotiate payment plans as well as to settle on the debts you may owe in order to prevent collections.

However, if your debt has already been sent to a collections agency, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Collection agencies are limited as to what actions they may take by the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).” To ensure you avail yourself of all your rights under this Act before they expire, it is important that you speak with someone familiar with it as soon as you receive notice of the collections.

From settling accounts, to negotiating payments, to contesting the debts owed, we can assist you to ensure that you obtain the best possible solution available.

+ Mortgage Debt

Mortgage Debt and Loan Modifications There are several reasons you may find yourself struggling to make your regular mortgage payments, including loss of income, predatory sub-prime mortgages with increasing interest rates that have become unaffordable, or medical injuries. Whatever the reason, we may be able to assist you by helping you obtain a “loan modification.” Home loan modifications are agreements that are worked out with your lender to restructure your loan and make your payments affordable again. Your lender may agree to refinance your loan, reduce your interest rate, extend the term of your loan, reallocate missed payments to your total loan amount, or reduce your monthly payments in lieu of a balloon payment at the end of your loan. In addition, there are several programs available through the government that may assist you in obtaining a loan modification.

The process of obtaining a loan modification is often difficult and tedious. In most situation it requires substantial paperwork and prolonged communications between your lender, yourself, and government programs. Let our firm assist you by taking on these burdens so that you have peace of mind.

+ Lawsuits

Fighting Collections Lawsuits and Garnishments If you received notice of a lawsuit filed against you for a debt you owe, it is very important that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. In many situations, by failing to respond or properly preparing for the lawsuit, your creditors will be granted a judgment against you. A judgment would allow your creditor to garnish your paychecks and bank accounts or pursue interests in property that you own, including your home.

If your creditor has already obtained a judgment against you, it is often difficult to prevent garnishments. However, your creditors are restricted in the pursuit of garnishments, and you may also be able to set aside the judgment they obtained.

It is essential that you speak with an attorney to ensure that all actions are taken to prevent your creditors from obtaining judgments against you. Allow our firm to help you fight these lawsuits.

+ Income Taxes

Restructuring and Reducing Your Income Tax Debts and Payments Receiving a notice from the IRS that you owe taxes can be frightening, but it is important that you handle the situation immediately to avoid penalties and interest. There are several methods by which you may resolve tax debts. You may pursue an “offer and compromise,” request payment plans which are affordable to you based on your current income and expenses, or seek to classify your debt as “currently not collectible.” Each method requires you to submit documentation to the IRS and may be a prolonged process depending on the amount of tax debt owed and your particular situation. While it is not necessary to be represented by an attorney, we strongly recommend you obtain counsel as pursuing these methods can be difficult without an in-depth knowledge of their processes.

+ Student Loans

Make Your Student Loan Payments Affordable Student loan debt is one of the highest and most prevalent debts in the United States. It is extremely difficult to get rid of student loans, but there are several solutions available by which you can make your payments more affordable. You may seek forbearance, consolidation, and deferment options. In addition, you may negotiate with your lenders to restructure your loan. And finally, in rare situations, you may seek to discharge the loan completely. In situations where your lenders have already started to garnish your wages or intercept your tax refunds, pursuing these options may cease such collections. Our firm will help you to assess your situation, discuss the options best suited for you, and assist you to pursue these options.

+ Creditor Harassment

Stop Creditor Harassment and Misrepresentation In 1978, Congress passed the “Fair Debt Collections Practices Act” (FDCPA) in order to protect consumers from the use of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices. Under the FDCPA, creditors and collectors have been restricted from harassing debtors or misrepresenting themselves or their actions. Violations of these restrictions may be punished and debtors may seek monetary damages.

If you have been contacted by a creditor or collector who continues to harass you after you’ve asked them to stop, who has threatened you or used offensive or obscene language, contacted your family, friends, or employer, claimed to be someone he or she is not, or misrepresented details about the debt you owe, then you may have a legal claim against the creditor.

+ Credit Reports

Clean Up Your Credit Reports Your credit reports are an important factor used by most lenders and some employers to evaluate your credit worthiness. They can affect your interest rates, initial deposits, and in some cases, qualifications for employment opportunities. It is important that these credit reports are accurate so that you are not negatively affected in your financial and professional pursuits. Federal and state statute statutes promote accuracy amongst consumer reporting agencies. Violations of these statutes occur when the agencies report inaccurate, incomplete, disputed, or outdated information. You are able to pursue monetary damages for these violations if the credit reporting agencies fail to correct the information.

If you believe your credit reports are inaccurate, contact our firm today for an evaluation. We will advise of your best options and assist you to clear your credit reports.

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*Based on a survey provided by the Pew Foundation.