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Business Services We Offer

+ Business Formation

Our firm provides full representation to individuals seeking to start a new business. Our attorneys here at The Patel Law Group advise clients on whether to form a limited liability company, corporation, partnership, or professional corporation. From there, we assist in filing the appropriate documentation with the state and in carefully drafting operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and partnership agreements. We assess tax ramifications, liability, financing, licensing issues, real estate matters, employee agreements, and executive compensation so that our clients are provided the best protection and benefits available under law.

+ Contracts & Breaches of Contracts

Contracts. Every business requires contracts to ensure the parties involved are held to their obligations. The details and intricacies of a contract are important as they may be litigated if a party fails to perform. Our attorneys here at The Patel Law Group provides legal expertise and advice as we draft and prepare contractual agreements so that our clients’ interests are protected. We draft and prepare a variety of contracts, including sale agreements, service agreements, franchise agreements, nondisclosure/non-compete agreements, professional contracts, consulting agreements, and confidentiality agreements. Our firm also assists in the review of contracts, advising clients as to potential issues, enforceability issues, and potential disputes. We also negotiate the terms of contracts to safeguard our clients’ interests and to place them in the best position available. Our goal is to ensure that all possible outcomes are addressed and that our clients’ interests are protected as they continue to grow and expand.

Breaches of contract, settling disputes and fraud/misrepresentation. We understand that it can be quite frustrating for parties when business disputes arise that jeopardize the growth and future of their company. Our attorneys here at The Patel Law Group work with our clients to provide discreet and efficient resolutions to contract disputes, from mediation to settlement to litigation. We fight aggressively to ensure that our client’s contractual interests and rights are preserved so that their businesses do not suffer. If you believe that a party has breached a contract by failing to perform as promised, or has committed fraud or misrepresentation, get in touch today and we’ll assist you in seeking relief for you and your business.

+ Healthcare/Employment

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and reinventing itself. The firm's representation and work in healthcare includes physicians, dentists, and medical groups as well as pharmacists, therapists and counsellors, and technicians. Our attorneys here at The Patel Law Group routinely represent healthcare professionals in regards to their employment contracts as well as any business endeavors by heatlhcare professionals including practice purchases and sales.

+ Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a term that refers to methods of resolving disputes outside of legal forums, such as the courts. The two main forms ADR our firm practices are Arbitration and Mediation. Arbitration clauses are generally part of many contractual agreements. These clauses stipulate that both parties must choose a third party arbitrator, who will listen to both sides, and make a decision as to how to resolve any disputes. The decision is binding upon both parties. Mediation is similar to arbitration but is not binding. A mediator is third party authority who only attempts to help each party come to a middle ground.

Our firm is certified to assist as both arbitrators and mediators, and assist parties with an unbiased and impartial point of view. If you are seeking alternative dispute resolution, please contact our firm to setup a consultation.

+ Gaming/COAM

Our firm has vast experience counseling and representing corporate entities and individuals throughout the coin operated amusement industry, including class B licensees, master licensees, operators and applicants with the Georgia Lottery Corporation. Our attorneys at The Patel Law Group regularly assists business owners and master licensees with all aspects of their operations, from securing approvals from local and state licensing authorities to litigating any complications.

+ Estate Planning/Wills

Our firm works closely with clients to develop estate plans that protect, preserve and properly distribute their asseets. We draft and prepare last will and testaments, powers of attorney, health directives, and other important estate planning documents. We also assist clients in developing plans to ensure the efficient transition of their family-owned businesses from one generation to the next.

+ Business Purchase and Sale

Whether you are an investor evaluating opportunities or a current business owner looking to sell, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can protect your interests. Our attorneys are experienced in performing due diligence, researching business assets and debts, and advising buyers and sellers through all phases in the purchase or sale of a business. Our attorneys take pride in explaining what's in a purchase and sale agreement of a business so you will know what to expect, where to negotiate, and why it is important to rely on the expertise of your attorneys.

+ Business Litigation

In today's market, litigation is sometimes part of business. From commercial disputes between companies, conflicts in the workplace, allegations of faulty products and other business-related problems, our attorneys here at The Patel Law Group can use sound legal strategies to reflect a deep understanding of busienss principles. Our firm will assist on protecting the rights of businesses and minimizing risks in litigation.

+ Civil RICO Defense

Our firm can assist if you or your business is facing a lawsuit based upon RICO violations. The penalties involved in RICO cases are substantial, and the law heavily favors the plaintiff in such cases. Our attorneys at The Patel Law Group have experience in defense litigation and have defended entities facing millions of dollars in lawsuits.